X11 Algorithm PoW/PoS Hybrid
PoS Starts at block 250
Total Supply - 52,000,000 [FIDGT]
Premine - 82,800 Coins
Block Time - 30 Seconds
PoW Reward - 2.5 Coins
PoS Reward - 30% Yearly Interest
Min. Stake Age - 2 Hours
Max. Stake Age - Unlimited
Mined Block Confirms - 70 Blocks
Send/Receive Confirms - 20 Blocks

Admit it, we all like to fidget with our hands & fingers right ?
Maybe you want to concentrate or try to ignore that OCD tic of yours ?
It could be that you're just bored and want to fiddle ?
Well FidgetCoin was created to offer all kinds of Fidget Toys to Youth, Adults, even Nan or Pa at the cheap in exchange for [FIDGT]